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Bell Schedule      Monday to Friday

Staff Worship                8:00 am

Staff on Duty                 8:20 am

First Bell                        8:45 am

Recess Bell                  11:00 am

End of Recess Bell       11:30 am

Lunch Eating Bell          1:00 pm

Lunch Play Bell             1:10 pm

End of Lunch Bell          1:30 pm

End of Day Bell              2:55 pm


While we do appreciate that sometimes circumstances arise where a child needs to be dropped at school early on all other occasions please ensure that your child does not arrive at school before 8:20am. 

Staff arrive at school early for preparation and staff worship and it is appreciated if this time is respected.  

If your child is needing to be dropped off at school before hours, please ring and organise with the school office.

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