A good relationship between home and school depends on effective communication.  Every effort is made to work closely with parents for the success of each student’s learning program.  At Narromine Christian School we pride ourselves on our open door policy and encourage all parents/caregivers to talk to us if they have any concerns no matter how small.
Newsletter – A school newsletter is published and sent home each Tuesday.  The newsletter contains information that keeps parents up to date with the current events of the school.  The newsletter is also found on the school app, website and may also be emailed upon request.
School App – The school app can be downloaded onto your smart phone and has up to date information about events, canteen menu, an attendance form and newsletters.  The school app also has a notification service that we use regularly to inform and remind parents and caregivers of coming events and news.
Calendar / Key Dates – Each family will receive a copy of the school calendar with many school events and relevant dates.