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At Narromine Christian School, we believe that every child is a child of God and should be treated that way. It is a tremendous privilege to lead young people to know themselves, their place in society and their God. Pastoral care embraces a total caring for each child and recognises and relates to them as individuals. It is about helping each student see their value as God sees them, celebrating their God-given uniqueness. 
Our Chaplain organises and supports the school in weekly Worship services. They spend time at school to play with/talk to/work with students to show them that they have a friend who will support them at all times. The Chaplain is also available to visit with school families. The Chaplain coordinates Bible studies with year 5 and 6 students who request them and coordinates the bi-annual Week of Spiritual Emphasis weeks (known as WOSE). The Chaplain also supports FUSE, held every second Friday evening at the school.

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